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Big Shout Out to Robert Pinkham of Veteran Project 22

"I want project 22 to stand out above all other motorcycle veterans organizations. I feel we can accomplish this by not limiting ourselves to set perimeter of help we offer. I would like one of our main missions to be creating and fabrication of adaptive equipment to help veterans be able to ride again when they didn’t think they could. To be able to drive a vehicle again. I would like Project 22 to be able to give veterans the knowledge to maintain and be an integral part in the creation of their motorcycle or vehicle. I would also like to host charitable rides to raise awareness for the 22 veterans a day who claim their lives. By hosting rides to motorcycle events or collaborating with state or national parks to put on a 3 day or longer excursion to destinations veterans may have never had a chance to go see or experience. I believe that the families of wounded or fallen veterans have deep emotional scares from the injuries or death of a loved one. I would like to start a “Kick Start” program where Project 22 would provide dirt bikes or starter bikes to the children of these veterans. We can customize these bikes to make it “their” first bike. I also want to offer support and the opportunity to create a brotherhood amongst the alumni of project 22. When I was in the Army we had a phone tree. Where info was passed down from the top and was spread by every branch on that tree. I want everyone to stay a part of 22. I don’t believe there is a “graduating” from the program, when you call someone brother it shouldn’t be a term of endearment, it should be a promise. A promise to watch out and to care for them. I believe if the cornerstone of Project 22 is love and care for our veterans then our foundation will be solid."

- Robert Pinkham of Project 22 in Lowville, NY


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Daniel Eggington and the Darien Gap Project

Great to hear from Hennessy user Daniel Eggington, who'll be taking the Jungle Explorer Zip on his latest expedition, The Darien Gap Project.  Here are his own words describing his  plans: 

“The main aim of my expedition is to raise awareness for conservation and human rights.  The location is a pristine habitat of primary rainforest.   I will be trekking through the gap from Colombia to Panama along the Pacific coast,  also known as Colombias Choco department.  

The Darien Gap is a gap in the Pan American highway which is the longest road in the world.  The jungle itself is dense and hostile from countless numbers of dangerous animals and a growing number of illegal armed groups, the most notorious bing the FARC rebels who have now disbanded and formed a political party.  The once smaller armed groups are now fighting for control of the illegal businesses the FARC once had which has created a power vacuum and people trying to rise to the top of it.   

Why I am doing this is simply because I love adventure and I hope to raise awareness for the indigenous communities neglected or affected by the issues in the region.  Another reason is to raise awareness of the biodiversity of the region in a hope the organisations trying to reduce deforestation and increase biological diversity will keep it forefront of their minds. 

Check out Daniels great photos and videos at


Image of Daniel on a training trek at Galloway Forest

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If you're in Denver

David "Zeuss" Cochrane is in the building!  Stop by Booth 30038-UL at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show at the Colorado Convention Centre for some relaxing hammock testing.

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