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A Hennessy Hammock is a touring cyclist's dream accommodation: ultra lightweight, compact -- it will fit inside a pannier -- and quick to set up and take down at the end of a long day's ride. Cyclists will also appreciate the comfort of a Hennessy Hammock, as it is easy on the back and legs.


Letters from Bike Hammockers

Hi Hennessy Hammock, 

Just wanted to let you know that Abe Clark started his 2.860 mile run across the country on February 15 raising awareness about clean drinking water through Living Water International. Abe is doing the run unsupported which means he is pushing all the gear he needs in a jogging stroller. His only shelter is the Hennessy Hammock Expedition A-sym purchased through your website. He was worried there would be a lack of places to hang it in the desert but has found some creative ways to get around that so far as you can see from the two attached pictures. If you feel you can support him in any way or just want to take a look at his journey go to his website at

"Tom, A buddy and I recently purchased a couple of your hammocks. We like to take our mountain bikes to the trails and camp at some of the more secluded spots that you can reach by bike.  In order to do this we need equipment that is both light and compact. Your hammocks wonderfully fit the bill." 
Fine Job — S. Scopano

Hello, I just wanted to share with you some pictures I took of how I used my hammock to camp out in the Colorado high desert. This is from my bicycle adventures this summer. I traveled down the west coast and then across the U.S. corner to corner. The hammock worked great except for at the beginning and the end when it was very cold.

Dan Rudmin

"I have been using the hammock for roughly a year now and it has grown to be one of the best pieces of gear I own.  I am a mountain bike and backpacking guide out in Georgia and with the limited space I have for my own personal gear the 2 1/2 pound, compact hammock is the most valued piece in my pack"

Mountain bike trips can be one of the harder trips to pack for because you're on the bike for eight to ten hours per day with only a 4000 cubic inch pack. The hammock is well suited for the job due to it's light weight and small pack size. There have been many times in the winter where I have been backpacking and run out of daylight before finding a good, flat place to put up a regular tent. Not a problem with the hammock. Not only that, I don't have to pack a sleeping pad which takes up valuable space and adds extra weight.  

Thanks Tom for designing a functional piece of gear that I can use.  Often time I find myself disappointed in design and function but the Hennessy Hammock is every bit of both." D. L.

A Special Message to Our Customers
We know this is a tough time for everyone out there. So many plans have been disrupted, there is so much uncertainty and there is a lot of news to cope with every day. We just want you to know that we are here if you have any questions or concerns about your new order or a Hennessy Hammock you've had for a while. Our team has always all worked from home (Vancouver, New Zealand, Galiano Island, Kauai) so everything is normal in the office.

Our shippers in the US, Canada, UK, and EU have been in touch and all have plans for making sure orders go out on time. That said, there may be a few disruptions because of local situations. We hope you'll contact us if you need any information about your shipment.

Let's hope that things get back to normal soon, and in the meantime, that there'll be some chances to get outside in our hammocks for some quiet time. -- The Hennessy Team

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