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With all the tornadoes, earthquakes and floods that seem to be happening every time we watch the news, knowing that you have a dry, bug-proof, sheltered bed that can be tied up above the ground anywhere there are trees, vehicles or fence posts provides a level of safety and security not found in tents on the ground. Keep a Hennessy Hammock for each family member with your emergency preparedness kit. This will ensure that if you are separated because someone needs to go for help, each person still has their own safe, lightweight, comfortable and dry shelter. Plus, they store so compactly that they will be much easier to grab in the heat of the moment.

Hennessy Hammocks can also be used as stretchers, chairs, and when grouped together make an excellent camp.

We are also developing a freestanding modular system that can support an indefinite number of shelters. If you are a volume buyer interested in such a system please contact us.


hennessy family campingAbove: Tom Hennessy (second from left) and his family camping in the 1950's

In our family, we all had jobs getting ready for our lengthy summer camping trips. Mine included not only prepping our old “Woody” station wagon for the trip, but also “taking stock” of our camping equipment and then going to army surplus stores with my mom to replenish our gear supply.

It feels like it’s time to take stock again, to venture into the outdoors with our friends and family, maybe sticking close to home for vacations. A great place to start is your own backyard, deck or even a try-out spot in the basement. It’s time to be together and learn the simple skills of camping which are also the skills of self-sufficiency and survival.

Jurjen Rolf (AKA "dutchbushcraftdad") camping with family and friends

The great thing about camping gear and supplies is that they are not only part of what you need for a fun and thrifty vacation but also what you need to have on hand for the emergencies we hope will never happen but feel good about getting ready for anyway. Camping out is a good way to learn how to use these tools and also how to be okay with getting out of our comfort zone occasionally. The “bug out bag ” we all aspire to have ready can also be the “have-fun bag”.

family campingPHOTO: JURJEN ROLF

What if you don’t have someone in your family like my mom to take you on that camping trip? You may be surprised to find that you have friends who are campers and just waiting to be asked to go out on an adventure when the time is right. Now is the time for hanging out at home, taking stock of what you need, getting your gear ready, experimenting with it and planning where the future will take you.
- Tom Hennessy

A Special Message to Our Customers
We know this is a tough time for everyone out there. So many plans have been disrupted, there is so much uncertainty and there is a lot of news to cope with every day. We just want you to know that we are here if you have any questions or concerns about your new order or a Hennessy Hammock you've had for a while. Our team has always all worked from home (Vancouver, New Zealand, Galiano Island, Kauai) so everything is normal in the office.

Our shippers in the US, Canada, UK, and EU have been in touch and all have plans for making sure orders go out on time. That said, there may be a few disruptions because of local situations. We hope you'll contact us if you need any information about your shipment.

Let's hope that things get back to normal soon, and in the meantime, that there'll be some chances to get outside in our hammocks for some quiet time. -- The Hennessy Team

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