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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the prices on your site in US or CDN dollars?

NEW! We now have a Canadian website with prices in Canadian dollars.  When you log on to Hennessy Hammock you will be able to choose the website that works best for you.  There is also a pull down menu on the top right hand size of the banner at the top of the page which allows you to choose your region.


How to contact Hennessy Hammock?

If you do not see your question in this list or want to talk to a live person, email us at info@hennessy or phone 1 888 539 2930(in North America) or 1 250 539 2930.  Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 9 am - 4 pm, Pacific Time Zone.  If you call when we are out of the office or on the other line, leave your name and number and we’ll phone you back.


How do I upgrade to the 70D hex fly?

To upgrade, choose the product page of the hammock you would like to buy, then click on the “Customize” option.  Choose the hammock body and straps, then choose from the selection of rainflies, one of which is the hex fly.  You will end up paying the difference in the price of the Hex Fly and the stock fly you're trading out.


There are so many models, What's the best hammock for me?

comfy cat in hammock

While personal preference will be the deciding factor, you'll want to shop based on your approximate height and weight. While there are several models for each height/weight range, a hammock listed above your height and/or  weight may  give you more comfort if pack weight is not a concern.   

Once you have a rough idea on the size of hammock you want, you can pick a hammock style that will give you the features you're looking for. Would you prefer a zip side entry model or a velcro bottom entry model? Are you heading somewhere tropical or subtropical? Do you need extra insect protection or extra protection from the cold? Is it more important that your hammock be rugged or do you prioritize being lightweight? These factors will all help to determine what is the best hammock for your needs.

To put this information to the test, you can use our Hammock Buying Guide  

Do free Snake Skins come with my hammock order or do I have to add them?

Yes, a set of Snakeskins will be added automatically to any order made through the Hennessy Hammock web store that contains a hammock body. If you order multiple hammocks in a single order, you'll receive a set of snakeskins  for EACH hammock in your order.

What does “asym ” mean?         

hammock over shorelineOriginally, Hennessy Hammocks were all diamond shaped, with the widest point at the middle of each side.  Tom then realized that the hammock would be more comfortable for sleeping if the occupant could lie as flat as possible by laying diagonally at about a 15 or 20 degree angle.  He moved the side tie-outs so one was near your knee height and one was half way between your shoulder and your elbow which resulted in the patented asymmetrical or “asym” shape.  Hennessy rainflys are also asymmetrical, including the asym silnylon hex fly.   

Which hammock models are asymmetrical?  

camo hammock

All of our hammocks are now Asymmetrical with the exception of our youth sized hammock, The Scout which still has the original diamond shape of the Hennessy Hammock design.

Do you have the hex fly in camo patterns?

an early hennessy hammock modelCurrently we only retail a select number of Camouflage items in our online store, however we are looking to expand that lineup in the near future. Check back often to see which items might be making their debut! Click Here to see our range of Camouflage products.

What the best sleeping bag to use the hammock?

boy sticking head out of hammockThis is a matter of personal preference. Some of our customers report being warmer in  'mummy' style sleeping bags while others prefer the more 'classic' style of sleeping bag that allows them to utilize their bag as more of a 'blanket'. A 'centre zip' style sleeping bag will be easier for getting into and out of a bottom entry hammock. Either style will work in a Hennessy Hammock but the comfort level will depend on the user and climate. 


Will my current ground pad work in the hammock?

an early hennessy hammock modelMost standardized camping pads will fit into a Hennessy hammock, though you will want to be sure there are no sharp or abrasive edges on the pad. For best results, you will want a pad that won't collapse under your body weight. You'll want your pad to maintain its thickness even after adding your body weight for maximum insulation. For optimum comfort, we recommend a thinner, denser pad over a thicker pad or air mattress.

Are the prices on your site in US or CDN dollars?

All prices listed on the website are in US Dollars. We are currently working on a website in Canadian currency that we hope to debut for our Canadian customers soon. We encourage Canadian customers to email us at or phone our toll free number, 1 888 539 2930 to order in Canadian funds.

What's the difference between the Supershelter #1 and #2?

backlit hammock photo by coryThe "#1" and "#2" refer to our two most popular hammock size ranges.. A "#1" Supershelter is designed for a 6' Hammock (Expedition, Ultralite Backpacker, Hyperlite) while a #2 Supershelter is designed for a 7' Hammock (Explorer, Explorer Ultralite). The Safari Zip and Classic designs are not suitable for a Supershelter but work well with the Reflector Pad XL - and we have recently introduced the double bottomed Jungle Safari which has a pocket for holding an insulating pad.  

Can I use the hammock on the ground if I need to?

Yes, as long as you have a water proof layer such as a tarp or a plastic sheet, you can use your Hennessy Hammock as a tent on the ground. You can also hang your hammock from car doors, fence posts, anything stationary that is firmly anchored in place. For examples on the different ways you can use the hammock in a variety of conditions, Click Here You will also want to use a sleeping pad for softness.

What's the difference between the zip models and the classic?

The main advantage of the ZIP model is that you can get into the hammock and on to your sleeping pad more easily than with the bottom Velcro entrance.  A zip model will open up in nice weather and when you want to be open to the stars.   Hammocks with the bottom Velcro can be folded in to make a chair or lounger-type hammock.  

The Velcro entrance is still the entrance of choice for military and other campers who are in challenging environments for instance where there are voracious mosquitoes trying to fly into the hammock.   The 'Classic' velcro bottom entry is particularly useful for people with mobility issues.

Are your hammocks sold at retailers?

black and white backlit hammock - photo by coryYes, we sell many of our products through a variety of retailers such as REI in the United States as well as M.E.C. in Canada. Please contact us directly and we can help you find a retailer in your area.

How do you attach the Snake Skins?

Snakeskins arrive as a set of 2 'sleeves'.  Simply slide the  hammock suspension line into the wide mouth portion of the sleeve through to the narrow opening, hang the lines and then slide the sleeve over the remaining portion of the hammock. We have a video on set up and takedown where you can see the snakeskins in action. Click Here to be taken to Set Up Instructions.

Will the hex fly fit in the Snake Skins with the hammock or does it need it's own set?

Because of the size of the hexfly (Roughly twice the size of a standard rainfly), it won't fit into a set of snakeskins along with the hammock. We recommend either purchasing a second set of snakeskins to be used specifically with your Hex Fly, or, simply folding the hex fly up and placing it into a mesh pocket or bag attached to your pack.

How long does it take for orders to ship out?

Order processing takes one business day or less. An order placed on a Friday is unlikely to go out until Monday. This processing time is not part of the delivery service calculation, so please allow for one extra business day on top of the listed delivery time for a given shipping method.

How long does ground shipping usually take?

For deliveries to the East Coast of the United States and Canada, you should expect delivery to take the full 5 business days. Orders along the Pacific Coast of Canada and the United States generally see their deliveries within 2-4 business days. All deliveries are subject to local delivery conditions and stock levels. If you are ordering for a specific date, please contact us by phone or email and we can advise you on the best shipping option for your timeline.   During  the summer and holiday seasons, please allow extra time for your order to arrive.

Do you offer any discounts?

For timelines on upcoming sales, promotions, charitable donations and Pro-Deal pricing, please contact us directly through our toll free line, 1-888-539-2930 or by email,

Do free Snake Skins and Water Collectors  come with my order which does not include a hammock or do I have to add them?

Orders that do not contain a hammock body won't be shipped with the free set of snakeskins or water collectors.  Those items will have to be added to your shopping cart.

How much bigger is the hex fly than  the standard rain fly?

The Hex Fly is roughly twice the size of a standard rainfly in terms of its area of coverage.  

Can I sleep on my side in the hammock?

YES! Due to the nature of the design, your body weight in the appropriate position will  flatten the hammock out, creating a nice bed for a variety of sleeping styles. We recommend that you try out your hammock as soon as you receive it, so that you can return it for a full refund if you find that it is not comfortable for you.

Can I use a Supershelter with my Jungle model hammock?

Yes, you can use a Zip-style Supershelter with your Jungle Model. The only Jungle Model hammock that won't work with a Supershelter is the Jungle Safari Zip.

Is there a Supershelter for the Safari model?

The Safari Style hammock model will not properly accommodate a Supershelter because of the extra fabric in the design, but works well with the Reflector Pad XL. We have recently introduced the double bottomed Jungle Safari which has a pocket for holding an insulating pad.  

How far apart should the trees be?

We recommend a span of between 13-20 feet for best results.

Should I put Whoopie Slings on my hammock?

We do not recommend altering the suspension system yourself. For maximum longevity, you will want to use a fabric on fabric system such as the method we suggest for hanging the hammock, however, the Hammock Community has come up with a variety of aftermarket accessories that you may find useful. Using metal rings or devices may result in damage from point-loading the ropes which would not be covered by our warranty.

How can I order a Hennessy Hammock?

To order, start with our online catalogue and secure shopping cart.

OR, phone our toll free number

1 (888) 539-2930,

our international number

1 (250) 539-2930

or fax 1 250 539 5390. We will take your mailing address and process the payment by Visa, Mastercard or American Express.


A Special Message to Our Customers
We know this is a tough time for everyone out there. So many plans have been disrupted, there is so much uncertainty and there is a lot of news to cope with every day. We just want you to know that we are here if you have any questions or concerns about your new order or a Hennessy Hammock you've had for a while. Our team has always all worked from home (Vancouver, New Zealand, Galiano Island, Kauai) so everything is normal in the office.

Our shippers in the US, Canada, UK, and EU have been in touch and all have plans for making sure orders go out on time. That said, there may be a few disruptions because of local situations. We hope you'll contact us if you need any information about your shipment.

Let's hope that things get back to normal soon, and in the meantime, that there'll be some chances to get outside in our hammocks for some quiet time. -- The Hennessy Team

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